Tuesday, December 31

December Foodtrip: Gingerbread houses @ work 2

Because it's that time of the year for Gingerbread Houses Design Contest at work... where everybody becomes creative and stuff themselves with as many candy as they can..... Candy overload!!

Can you guess which Gingerbread house won? and which one is ours?? ;p

Monday, December 30

Tales From The Friend Zone Episode Zero ~ PART 3 - END

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Words of Wisdom:

  • Don't cry because its over, smile because you have a rebound.
  • Wag mag-hold on para walang i-let go.
  • There is more to life.

Saturday, December 28

Cat Grass Plant Challenge!!

Unlike my Mom and my roommate, I do not have a "green" thumb. Plants tend to die under my care. My cousin and her hubby beg to differ and would like to break the curse of my "brown" thumb. One of their Christmas gift to me is the Chia Cat Grass Planter Kit.

Thursday, December 26

Tales From The Friend Zone Episode Zero ~ PART 2

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Words of Wisdom:

  • "Beh" vs. "Bhe": Beh - Best Friends ; Bhe - Lovers
  • God is fair. Love is not.
  • Mas maganda, mas may toyo. ~ lol!
  • Kung mahirap kalimutan ang ala-ala, eh di palitan ng bago.
  • There are many fish in the sea and there are many more hipon.

Thursday, December 19

Tales From The Friend Zone Episode Zero ~ PART 1

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Words of Wisdom:
  • Dalawang buwan lang pero alam kong ito na yun, eh bakit inoorasan ba ang love?
  • I wuv u / I mith u.
  • Ang pagi-big parang pagba-bike, masesemplang ka muna bago ka matuto. Pero paano mo matututunan kung takot kang subukan.
  • There is no force greater than love even peer pressure.
  • If you've never lost your mind then you've never follow your heart.

Saturday, November 30

November Foodtrip!!

Classic Wedge Salad at TGI Fridays
(Bleu Cheese dressing, applewood-smoked bacon, tomato and crumbled bleu cheese atop a crisp iceberg wedge.)

Monday, October 21

Anime Fusion 2013: (My) First Anime Convention

Anime overload during the weekend!! My friends and I attended the Anime Fusion 2013 at the Ramada Hotel in Bloomington, MN. Its a 3-day event that started last Friday (10/18) till Sunday (10/20). So you might ask what's going on an anime convention? As a newbie, let me break it to you in 3 section ~ Cosplay, Panel and Dealer's room.

I know there were more to it in the convention but since I haven't mastered Naruto's Kage Bunshin no Jutsu I wasn't able to explore the rest.

There were a lot of cosplayers wandering around and I was too busy admiring their costumes or too shy to approach and ask them if its okay to take a picture.. Still, I managed to get a few pictures.. Can you tell who the characters are?

Sunday, October 6

Paint Magic! or not...

A bit of copy then paste here and there and voila!! Photo edited using Microsoft Paint... (^_^)

Saturday, October 5

Trip to Pleasant Valley Orchard.. Apples, Pumpkins and more..

Yes, Autumn is here. Time to pick the apples and choose the perfect pumpkin for Halloween. Since winter is just around the corner, might as well enjoy the greenery while it lasts even with a gloomy rainy afternoon. (^_^)

What I got in the mail today...

My Mochi Ice Cream Prize!!

Monday, September 30

September Food Trip! : Comfort Foods

Chicken Arroz Caldo
Had 2 wisdom teeth removed this month. Many thanks to my roommate for cooking this for me.

Friday, August 30

(My) MN State Fair Survival Guide

Unlike other long time state fair goers, I've only been in the fair 3 times (that I remember hmmm..) ever since I move to MN. So far this year is the hottest of them all with the average of 90 F and humidity that is around 60% when we went last Saturday. I enjoy the summer heat more compare to the cold winter. So, the heat was least of my concern since I can withstand it longer compare to my friends that came with me to the fair. The thing that I'm worried about is exhaustion from walking around and making it through the crowd to get into our destination. Talk about being NOT athletic at all!

Wednesday, July 31

July Food Trip

Buffet servings at home!
Korean Katsu Udon with Lobster balls and Fish cake
(garnished with Bonito flakes and Nori)

Sunday, July 28

Code Geass Anime Marathon Loot......

....Or maybe not... :p But yes, I was tempted to take it from my friend Liz while she was sleeping.. LoL.. not really or was I?

Wednesday, July 24

(My) Snow Angel

Cross-Stitching with beads, metallic threads, and furry threads

Hard Core Stitchin'! \m/ Rock On!

Friday, July 12

Orange Days: (My) Drama Review

College setting jdorama reminds me of my college days -- restless nights, overdue projects,cramming, midterms and finals, scorecards, midnight concerts, road trips, drinking session-SOJU!, unplanned hangouts, card games, cafeteria food, good friends and first love.

Kai Yuuki (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is in his senior year at university studying social welfare psychology. At present, he is in the middle of job-hunting season. He is finding it difficult with no job offers so far. One day, he meets a girl who is playing violin in the campus. She is Sae Hagio (Kou Shibasaki). In marked contrast to her beautiful tone and attractive looks, her personality is somewhat impertinent. And to top it off, she communicates through very vulgar sign language. Four years ago, she lost the most important thing for a violinist - her hearing. As a result Sae closed off her inner self from the outside world. Kai finds himself on a date with Sae, in place of his best friend. Unexpectedly, he comes into contact with Sae's private side. Love, job-hunting, friendship... Setting a campus in spring as a dorama's backdrop, it's the start of a glittering youth drama. --TBS

Monday, July 8

Nom.. nom.. nom....

Simply too cute to eat.... 
 ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Sunday, June 30

June Food Trip!!

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;* Chocolate Cake Overload!!! `*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

Cakes from Truffles and Tortes**

Friday, May 31

Tuesday, April 30

April Foodtrip :)

Experiencing Ice Cream melting problems?!?! Have some Mochi Ice Cream
"Right on your mouth not on your shirt..."

Sunday, April 28

Bwakaw: (My) Movie Review and First Film Fest Experience

I've been living in the US for almost 3 years and its been a long time since I last watched a Filipino movie in the big screen. At last I got the chance to watch a well-loved Filipino film by movie critics and moviegoers across the globe and has been nominated and won several awards in various Film Fests.

(Buwaya + Matakaw)
(Voracious Eater)

Bwakaw was one of the many international films featured in the 2013 Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Fest (MSPIFF), which runs from April 11th-28th at St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis, MN.

Special thanks to my friend who informed me about it. ^_^

Sunday, April 7

Eureka Seven: (My) Anime Review

Eureka Seven
also known in Japan as Psalms of Planets Eureka Seven
Photo Source
The series focuses on Renton Thurston, the fourteen-year-old son of Adrock Thurston, a military researcher who died saving the world. He lives what he considers a boring life with his grandfather in a boring town. He loves lifting, a sport similar to surfing but with trapar, a substance abundant throughout the air, as the medium. He dreams of joining the renegade group Gekkostate, led by his idol Holland, a legendary lifter.

Sunday, March 31

March Foodtrip!

Employee Appreciation Day M&Ms treat turned to artwork

Sunday, March 3

Reliving Nakatsu Moments~

おれ わ ほも じゃない!!!! 
~~なかつ (いくた とま) 

Friday, March 1

Love Rain: (My) Drama Review

Love Rain /사랑비 / Sarangbi

"Love Rain" depicts a 1970's pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the children of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, an art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be.

Thursday, February 28

February Foodtrip!!

T.G.I. Fridays: Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta
(Shrimp not included in the picture because whoever prepared my plate forgot to put it.. ;p Anyways after we told the server about it they handed me the shrimp in separate plate... ^_^ By the time she gave me the shrimp, I've already started eating my food)

Thursday, February 14

Saturday, January 19

Crazy Minnesota Weather!!

Source: Yahoo News Weather

As of 9:35pm 1/19/13 with alert for strong wind gusting to 45-55mph.
Source: Yahoo News Weather
(━┳━ _ ━┳━)

Time for some Weekend Hibernate.  (¬‿¬)

Saturday, January 12

City Hunter: (My) Drama Review

I first heard about this kdrama (during my last visit to the Philippines) from my mom who is a big fan of Lee Min Ho. She and her friend has shared fandom for Lee Min Ho to the point that they'll have funny arguments about the actor. Due to my curiosity (and missing my mom), I ended up watching it (and because it also reminds me of my mom's and her friend's funny remarks about their favorite korean actor ^_^ )

City Hunter
(left: Korean Drama , right: Japanese Manga)
Based on the Japanese manga series City Hunter written and illustrated by Tsukasa Hojo.
Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, January 6

Oguri Shun & Yamada Yu hold a wedding ceremony in Hawaii

Actor Oguri Shun and actress Yamada Yu, who registered their marriage back in March last year, held their wedding ceremony and reception party in Hawaii’s Lanai island.
The ceremony was held at Four Seasons Resort Hawaii, Lana’i at Manele Bay in a garden-wedding style. Though the couple has already held a wedding in Yamada’s hometown Okinawa in last October, they always wanted to hold another wedding in Hawaii where the memorable place for the couple as they visited there many times since they started dating in spring of 2008.

Saturday, January 5

For You In Full Blossom: (My) Drama Review

To The Beautiful You / For You In Full Blossom
(Hana Kimi Korean Version)

Tuesday, January 1

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