Saturday, May 31

May Foodtrip: Out and About ^_^

What I eat when stress at work...Chocolates!!!!! hahahahaha

More often than not I've been going down to the cafeteria at work for lunch ever since they switch the chef . The new chef has been cooking dishes that is not posted on the cafeteria's website.  I was told by one of my co-workers that the new chef cooks a special dish everyday whatever he likes cooking for that day. So far all his special dishes are really delicious and is something to look forward to every lunch time. ^_^

Wednesday, May 28

Sunday, May 25

Draw Something 2: Simba!!!

So this is what happened, I failed myself miserably in the game "Draw Something 2" trying to draw Simba, I gave up trying to draw it on my Android phone and just drew it instead on a Post It. Took a picture of it then text it to my boyfriend. Then on the game I just wrote, "I gave up just look at what I texted you."  V(^_^)V

Thursday, May 1

Las Vegas Trip ~ Bellagio Hotel, Conservatory and Botanical Garden Feb 2014

For our first breakfast meal in Vegas, me and my roommate were brought to Bellagio Hotel by our gracious hosts for a surprise fancy meal. The hotel in its grandeur is decorated with theme for the Year of the Horse with the extravagant display of their Botanical Garden.

The way to the cafe was simply beautiful. After passing the huge silver horse statue, we followed the trails of colorful flower decors on the ceiling leading us towards the Botanical Garden.

The Cafe Bellagio is located at the other side of the Botanical Garden. The entrance of the cafe was filled with hotel guests and visitors waiting to be seated. The inside was grand and spectacular with courteous and well-mannered servers.

credits to TAGA-DON