Tuesday, October 30

Happy Halloween!!!

Aiba Masaki to star in new medical drama ‘Last Hope’

"On October 31st, Fuji TV announced that one of their upcoming winter dramas will be a medical drama titled ‘Last Hope‘ starring Aiba Masaki from the popular group Arashi.
Fuji TV describes ‘Last Hope’ as a human medical suspense drama. The story revolves around a medical team with completely different individuals, whether it’s their age, their gender, their achievements or their field of specialization. While aiming to become the forefront of advanced medical care, those individuals grows as a team and face their hidden pasts.

Being Independent Life Lesson no. 3

Life is a Box of Chocolates!
(Forrest Gump)
Photo Source: What Jo Thinks
If you haven't seen the movie "Forrest Gump", go watch it and be ready to be touch, surprise and realize the wonderful/crazy things that life has to offer. :)

Monday, October 29

Tales From The Friend Zone Episode 6

"Haaay, trending ka na naman sa puso ko."

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Words of Wisdom:
  • Kung may lalakeng ayaw mag-the moves, ikaw naman yung babaeng ayaw mag-assume. Either that or tanga ka lang.
  • Ayaw Sayo Signals: Text Reciprocation, Apir!, Friendzone Hug.
  • The more gentle the tapik, the more painful in the feelings.
  • Nawasak man ang inyong puso, meron naman kayong future dahil hindi kayo naging taong grasa.
  • Lalandi ka na rin lang, sagarin mo na.

"Haay naku, kung sinagot mo lang sana ako, ang cute ng love story natin."

Sunday, October 14

Franconia Sculpture Park

Blog post dedicated to those talented artist. ^_^

"Franconia Sculpture Park is an innovative community arts organization that provides residence and work space to emerging and established artists."

Wednesday, October 10

The BLACK Profile and the Cybercrime Law

So what's the new trend in Facebook for the Filipino netizens?? Recently, some FB and Twitter users (and ME) are changing they're profile and cover photos to black and are using the black horizontal bar followed with the text that read: "[COMMENT BLOCKED] (RA NO. 10175)" in protest against the controversial Cybercrime Law that was passed on October 2nd.

Friday, October 5

Tales From The Friend Zone Episode 5

Puppy love rules. :)
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Words of Wisdom:
  • Nagsisimula lahat sa friendship at jan din natatapos. 
  • Kapag 19, kapag 19dihan nio na ang mga bagay-bagay.
  • Signal no. 1 - Happy Crush
  • Signal no. 2 - Prom Date
  • Signal no. 3 - Handa na sa wasakan.

credits to TAGA-DON