Friday, January 31

January Foodtrip: Starting the year right with Home Cooked dishes ^_^

Me and my roommate's New Year supper!! ~ Italian Spaghetti and Garlic French style sliced bread

Saturday, January 25

Being Independent Life Lesson no. 4

Very well said.

Found this posted at a middle school along the corridor where the students can see them as soon as they come in.

Tuesday, January 21

Support Samurai Dan & Jillian!!

Last October 2013, I attended my first ever anime convention, Anime Fusion (Click here to check out my blog post about it) and got a chance to watch a very unique, entertaining and educational panel about Samurai swords led by the husband and wife team Dan and Jillian Coglan.

Dan's lifelong dream has been to become a published author. Long story short they have became a victim of a publishing fraud. They never get the amount of money promised to them and is now facing a nightmare of possibly losing their vehicles, home, and careers as performers.
Samurai Dan and Jillian Coglan
With that said, I'm reaching out to all that have attended one of their shows/seen them at anime conventions/know (or not) Samurai Dan and Jillian to help them get through this nightmare. You can either help by making contributions or just by simply spreading the word.

CLICK HERE to help and for more details about this campaign.

Sunday, January 12

Beautiful Creatures....

A wonderful surprise Christmas package from my friend.. a complete set of the Caster Chronicle series: Beautiful Creatures.

credits to TAGA-DON