Friday, May 27

SuShi-Onigiri Day ^_^

My Sushi--Onigiri Masterpiece
Thanks to this YouTube video I'm now enjoying my lunch today--sushi and onigiri. ^_^ Actually, I was in the mood in making Onigiris (Japanese Rice Balls) after watching one of the Arashi - Utaban episode wherein ARASHI was challenge to make a bento. and then while making my little research about Onigiris I stumbled upon this cooking video about making sushi.

Sunday, May 22

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season: (My) Anime Review

yeah! finally done watching all the eps in one day.. hahahaha...

The 2nd season is all about Kazehaya's and Sunako's feelings for each other continuing what happens next at the end of season 1... in this season the story focused more on our favorite loveteam's love story.

Saturday, May 21

What's Up?!?!?!

oh i so missed my blog.. i've been so BUSY T_T with almost everything.. mainly with work... i've got so much to tell hahaha so let's get this started..

First of all i would like to thank my first follower ever: emma_emo thanks for following!!! hopefully you'll be able to read this.. ^_^

Saturday, May 7

My search for my very own Heavenly forest (part 2)

the continuation of the search ^_^

so captivating... just can't stop staring at it

credits to TAGA-DON