Thursday, June 30

Arashi International Fandom Survey (by LittleCely)

First of all, special thanks to  for allowing me to post this wonderful Fandom Survey that she made for her class. Just sharing it to us (your subsribers) definitely makes me happy and feels so special being an Arashi Fan!

Tuesday, June 28

Happy 1 year Anniversary to Me on my American Living

Flowers from my ever supporting cousin
Vase from Tita Vickie
Flower Arrangement by ME ^_^

I've always love doing flower arrangements!!

Its Official!! I'm a Maddi Jane fan!!

I first heard her sing from a FB post of one of my friends and from there on I was amazed by her captivating voice.

Who is Maddi Jane?
Maddi Jane is a twelve-year-old singer known for her cover performances on YouTube. She is a recording artist who posts original songs and covers songs. She has, so far, covered Fly Leaf, Adele, Jessie J, Shontelle and more. She mainly sings rock and pop. She lives and sings in Chicago, IL. As of June 3, 2011, she was ranked fourth on Billboard's "Uncharted" list of artists. She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on May 12, 2010. She sang Breakeven by The Script.

Friday, June 24

The Dental Appointment part 1

It has been 2 years since my last visit to the dentist XD Its been a looooong time! What made me decide to visit a dentist now?? Aside from the fact that I know I need to have a cleaning and check-up, its because I'm having a hard time chewing my food due to a gap/hole in my teeth (at the upper right corner) and the random bleeding and inconsistent toothache is just killing me.

Unlike in the Philippines, Here in the US you need to set an appointment with the dentist through the receptionist if you want to be treated. It may take at least a week depending on the dentist availability and yours as well. Dental treatments here in the US are quite expensive that's why you need to have dental insurance to cover for you. Good thing, I got one from work. ^_^

Aimi Eguchi, latest member of AKB48 proven to be CG!!

It would be freakin' awesome if there's really someone out there that looks like Aimi Eguchi ne~

One of the Worst Break Ups?!?!

TODAY - Driving on my way home from work while listening to the radio to keep myself company, I was randomly changing the radio frequency until I find something that will interest me. I was actually thinking of a good music to listen to that will keep me singing until I reach home yet unexpectedly I preferred to listen into a conversation between the 3 radio commentators and their listener. I guess I was already fed up by listening to music the whole night at work. Their topic was intriguing and maybe a little interesting for me. ('coz if its not then I wont be bothered to listen to it ;p)

Tuesday, June 14

Being Independent Life Lesson no. 2


"Have faith in your instincts. Remember looks can be DECEIVING!!"

Will Yamashita Tomohisa leave NEWS to go solo?

Tabloid blog Cyzo Woman published an editorial this week with supposed evidence that idol Yamashita Tomohisa might be leaving his group NEWS to officially become a solo artist.

On June 3rd, tabloid magazine Friday posted a photo of Yamashita and founder and head of Johnny’s Jimusho, Johnny Kitagawa, after a nice dinner on the town. After the photo was released, this comment was taken from “a reporter who knows a lot about Johnny’s Jimusho”:

“The third man in the photo, who had dinner with Yamashita and Mr. Johnny, was Warner Music Asia Pacific’s Lachie Rutherford… He’s the one who supposedly helped Akanishi Jin get a global contract with the company, and attended the press conference in December [announcing Akanishi's solo activities].”

Thursday, June 9

Being Independent Life Lesson no. 1

"Don't use SMALL tools in making BIG projects."
"Don't make yourself suffer. Be Strategic. Be Innovative. Ask for Help."

Friday, June 3

NICE GUYS MV by nigahiga and kevjumba (MUST WATCH!!!)

I'm so lovin' the new videos uploaded in YouTube by  and nigahiga. Just can't stop singing it!! It's invading my brain!!!!

Thumbs up for the two of you and for everybody involved in making this freakin' awesome music video..

Though it makes me wonder if   and nigahiga got the idea from WongFuProductions' Just a Nice Guy short film? just a thought!! ;p

Version 1

(SuPeR DeLayEd nEwS) Cast For Ouran High School Host Club Announced

 Okay, I know I said "As soon as possible" but last week was kinda busy (and hazy) with memorial holiday and all... but at least I kept my promise... that's all that matters... ;p

Mizushima Hiro's ninja CM for Mobage

Source: TokyoHive

credits to TAGA-DON