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Deka Wanko, Nihon TV's upcoming drama starring Tabe Mikako, Tegoshi Yuya, and Sawamura Ikki

Deka Wanko is the newest series from Morimoto Kozueko, the author of Gokusen
Nihon TV’s upcoming drama, ”Deka Wanko” held a press conference recently to introduce the cast and characters before its official airing on January 15th.
Tabe Mikako plays the leading role of ‘Ichiko Hanamori’, a detective who wears frilly lolita outfits and solves cases with her phenomenal sense of smell. ‘Ichiko’ works alongside two detectives, ‘Ryuta Kirishima’ (NEWS‘ Tegoshi Yuya) and ‘Kanichi Shigemura’ (Sawamura Ikki).
At the press conference, Tabe was asked who smelt the best amongst her castmates. She revealed, “Tegoshi-san.  I think it’s a smell of softener or body cream, and whenever he passes by, he smells nice.  On the other hand, Sawamura-san…smells like alcohol.
To watch the teaser of the drama click here

Source: TokyoHive


  1. I actually love this manga.... when I meant love I actually mean it... There was a good balance of humor vs. being serious and the characters are very well developed.... When I heard they were turning it into a drama I was quite happy about it and the lead role played by Tabe Mikako chan... I was even more thrilled.... but all the glam didn't sit right... When the drama came out, I watched the first episode immediately... but to my disappointment, it wasn't as I expected it to be.... T__T.... It was horrible... the characters were a bit off.... and Tabe Mikako chan is a very good actress, but she couldn't pull off this really kawaii acting spoiled brat from the manga.... I couldn't watch the next episode because I didn't want the manga in my head to be spoiled.... But this all just my opinion.... -___-

  2. Sawamura-san <333333333333333

  3. @Beryl: I kinda know what you meant about the drama...even though I haven't read the manga. Just like you, I was a bit disapointed about it but I was still able to finish watching the drama although it took me longer than usual.


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