Friday, January 7

Tegomass to release a new single, “Aoi Bench”

A male duo consisting of NEWS members Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa
Tegomass has announced that they will be releasing their 5th single titled, “Aoi Bench“, on February 16th.

It’s been about a year and six months since they last released track, when the came out with “Tanabata Matsuri.”  The new song, “Aoi Bench”, is a cover song of the male duo Sasuke, which was disbanded in 2009.
It was also announced that “Aoi Bench” will be used as an ending theme song for “Onegai! Ranking” in February, and it will be released as two different versions.
<Limited Edition>-CD
1. Aoi Bench
2. Aoi Bench (Original Karaoke)
1. Aoi Bench (Music Clip & Making)
※8 Page Booklet
<Regular Edition>-Only CD
1. Aoi Bench
2. Aoi Bench (Acoustic Ver.)
3. Sotsugyou Album

Source: TokyoHive

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