Saturday, January 8

Inoue Mao celebrates her 24th birthday on the set of “Ohisama”

Popular actress, Inoue Mao celebrated her 24th birthday on January 9th with a special surprise!!!
Ohisama is a story of heroine Sudo Yoko’s (Mao) life during the Showa era (before the war, during the war, after the war).
While shooting for NHK’s upcoming morning drama “Ohisama“, her castmates decided to deliver a special birthday cake for their “Toshionna.” In Japan, a ‘toshionna’ is a woman who celebrates her latest birthday on her Chinese Zodiac year; since 2011 is the year of the rabbit, Mao’s cake was decorated with 24 chocolate rabbits.
Mao said happily, “As ‘Toshionna’, I want to take larger steps like a rabbit!
The actress posed for some pictures with her castmates, Mitsushima Hikari and Maiko, before they sat down to devour the cake.
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Source: TokyoHive

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