Sunday, December 21

Books and Manga - The Growing Collection

The more the merrier! ^_^

  • More AOT mangas - Before the Fall, Before the Fall (novel), and No Regrets 
  • One more book to read to finish the - Beautiful Redemption
  • Super happy to get a copy of Dan Coglan's (Samurai Dan) first ever published book - Fenris Ferar. Bought it last Anime Fusion (Oct. 2014) from Jillian herself and had Dan sign on it. (^_^)

Tuesday, December 16

The White Squirrel

Oh Winter blues.. How I miss the greenery and this little fellow. Unlike other squirrels, this one is not afraid of people approaching his way. Pictures were taken last summer.


Monday, December 15

Secret Santa at Work

Thank you to my Secret Santa. I feel like a Master Builder in Training.


Everything is Awesome

credits to TAGA-DON