Friday, July 22

Compilation of JPOP's artists: Official Website, Blog, and Twitter Accounts

**Newly added:
> melody. (Miyavi's wife) official twitter account. :3

** still a working progress... welcoming updates and additional info that you might want to add in the list... just comment it and i'll be happy to update this list... thanks.. ^_^

Alice Nine
Kuroki Meisa

Keiko Kitagawa
Kuroki Meisa
Nishino Kana

Kaibutsu-kun Movie in 3D Official Trailer ^_^

Trailer 1

Tuesday, July 12

Arashi’s video message to be shown in over 133 countries!

On July 11th, a press conference took place for “Message from Japan“, a video message produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s Japan Tourism Agency, starring the popular Johnny’s group Arashi.

In order to help with the slump in tourism after March’s Tohoku Earthquake, Arashi introduced places from all over Japan to show the world the charm of these various areas. The film will started broadcasting on the big screen in New York City’s Times Square, and will be shown in over 133 countries and regions around the world.

Monday, July 4

Romantic Island: (Korean Movie)

Another recommended romantic comedy movie from my "supplier" XD.
Filmed in the Philippines (Manila and Boracay) and Korea.

My Sweet and Sour Chicken

Saturday, July 2

Shopping around without spending - WINDOW SHOPPING!

Trying on a really expensive beach hat.. and surrounded by designer bags and shoes.. if only i can afford to buy them all!! XD

Friday, July 1

Starting my July 1st weekend with sweetness

I've been planning to make this pudding weeks ago ever since I've watched the cooking video in YouTube by cookingwithdog.

credits to TAGA-DON