Friday, August 17

Arashi to release special compilation album “Ura Ara Mania”, tracklist of 62 songs revealed

Arashi is holding their concert “AraFes” at Tokyo National Stadium for the fifth time this year and will be trying out some new ideas for their concert, including performing a repertoire voted by fans and doing away with back-up dancers.

Tuesday, August 14

For You in Full Blossom - '아름다운 그대에게 (Hana Kimi Korean Version)

To The Beautiful You / For You in Full Blossom
(Korean: 아름다운 그대에게; Areumdawoon Geudaeege)

Main cast

She disguises herself as a male and transfers to Tae-joon’s school to help him high jump again.
He is a high jump gold medalist, who gives up high jumping after being injured.
He is charming soccer player and with his talents, good looks, and positive attitude, he receives a lot of love from girls. However, in reality, he’s an innocent boy who hasn’t been in love yet.

Sunday, August 12

Thursday, August 9

Cute Chibis ~~ Taga-Don!

Kudos to my very talented friend for giving in to my wishes... After almost a year of bothering, begging and patience, I found this picture posted on my FB Wall today and it definitely made my day!! ^_^ 
Chibi Me <3 <3
I just have to say I don't like it.... I LOVE IT!!! And as I promised, I'm featuring this creative

Sunday, August 5

24Hour Television CM starring Arashi

Arashi will be the main personality for NTV’s annual charity telethon “24Hour Television” which will be live broadcast on August 25th to 26th. The program’s CM, starring Arashi members, has just begun airing! 

credits to TAGA-DON