Tuesday, November 30

GANTZ Movie to be released in America

Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi and actor Matsuyama Kenichi made an appearance at the premiere screening for the upcoming movie “GANTZ” at the Tokyo JCB Hall earlier today. The movie is scheduled to open in Japanese theaters on January 29, 2011.
During the press conference, there was a special announcement that the movie “GANTZ” will also be released in the United States on January 20, 2011. Altogether, the movie will open in 300 theaters across America. They also announced that “GANTZ” will be released in the United States one week earlier than Japan.
After the announcement was made, Ninomiya commented, “There are so many people in the world who love GANTZ, and GANTZ fans will be happy… its a great thing.”
Matsuyama commented, “I wonder why the movie will be released in America first. I don’t understand why Japan is later, but this will be a great opportunity.”
The second part of “GANTZ” will be released on April 23rd, 2011. Gantz is based on Oku Hiroya’s manga of the same title, which follows the lives of two male students who were involved in a train accident but were brought back to life by GANTZ.
Source: TokyoHive

Monday, November 29

Ohno Satoshi spotted on New York

It has been reported that the leader of the wildly popular group Arashi, Satoshi Ohno, has been spotted in New York! He is reportedly in the Big Apple celebrating his 30th birthday with pop artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Sunday, November 28


So many left-overs from yesterday's thanksgiving and tired of eating turkey.. i decided to make Onigiris (Japanese RiceBalls) for lunch ^_^ yum!!

My miniature Onigiris

HaPPy ThanKsgiVing!!

My first time to celebrate Thanksgiving and to eat turkey! Too much food to fill my stomach... agh! ^_^ All you can eat turkey and more... FooD, DrinKs, FrienDs, Karaoke.... FuN!!

Saturday, November 27

TOKIO & Arashi to hijack the TV for New Year’s Eve

It’s been reported that two variety shows featuring JE groups will be broadcasted in a “relay style” for New Year’s Day. Running for five and a half hours, the two shows have been identified as “THE Ultraman DASH Kiseki no 3-pun kan wo Mokugeki seyo” and “Arashi ni Shiyagare New Year’s Day 2.5 hours special“.

Thursday, November 25

Miura Haruma to star in upcoming movie “Tokyo Kouen” with three gorgeous actresses

Popular actor, Miura Haruma will star in upcoming movie “Tokyo Kouen“, and co-star with three gorgeous actresses, Eikura Nana, Konishi Manami, and Igawa Haruka for the first time.   “Tokyo Kouen” is originally a novel by Shoji Yukiya, and Miura will be playing a college student who has a dream to be a camera man.  While Koji (Miura) is pursuing this dream, he receives a sudden request to “Follow my girlfriend, and take photos of her”.  But because of this odd request, the relationship with Koji and the women around him takes an entertaining turn.

LSS - "Last Song Syndrome"



1. To listen to music before going out of the house, and having the last song you hear before leaving stick in your head all through your journey, and beyond. Is usually accompanied by subconscious humming.

Saturday, November 20

My weekend before Thanksgiving

Friday (11/19/10)
My fave villain - Bellatrix
Movie day with my co-workers.. a great way to start the weekend.. watched Harry Potter 7 - Deathly Hallows part 1... can't wait for part 2!!  Bellatrix Lestrange is just so awesome (portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter.. there's no other actress that can replace her she's just so perfect for the role) though i hate her for killing Dobby!! Poor Dobby!! I'm sure gonna miss him!

ending my day with Pizza for supper!! its been decided (since 2 weeks ago) that i'll be in charge for supper every friday but can't think of anything to cook so i just ordered Jumbo Jet Deal from Jet's Pizza...

pizza photos from jetspizza.com

Saturday (11/20/10)

went to go window shopping for a soft comfy recliner couch but was distracted with christmas decors.. cant get enough of it so cute.. you could definitely feel the christmas spirit just around the corner
Made this snowman a week ago during the first snowfall and now that the sun is up.. Mr. Snowman is melting away...
Mr. Snowman with missing buttons and hat
Don't worry Mr. Snowman will patch you up when the next snowfall come.. for the meantime just hang on there okay ^_^

Thursday, November 18

Yamashita Tomohisa announces solo live tour in Asia + first solo album

Johnny’s Entertainment has announced that NEWS member, Yamashita Tomohisa will be holding his solo live tour which will span across the continent of Asia starting on January 29th to May 10th.
He will make have stops in 5 cities in Japan, and the tour also includes 5 cities outside of Japan in Asia including Hongkong, Taipei, Busan, Seoul, and Bangkok.  For the entire tour, there will be 27 total stages.  It was also announced that he will also be releasing his first solo album right before the tour.
Although he has performed in Taiwan in 2007 as a member of NEWS, this will be his first time holding a solo tour overseas. Yamashita commented, “It will give me a huge responsibility, but it’s also a great chance.  I hope it will make people in other Asian countries get to know more about Japanese idols.”  Yamashita also gave comment to fans, “I will participate in NEWS activities as well, so you don’t have to worry!”

Source: Tokyo Hive

Miura Haruma & Toda Erika to star in next “Getsu 9″ drama

It’s been announced that the next “Getsu 9” (a prime time drama series time slot on Fuji Television) drama will star Miura Haruma and Toda Erika.   The title of the drama will be “Taisetsunakoto wa subete Kimi ga Oshietekureta”, and both Miura and Toda play teachers.
In the drama, they are an engaged couple, but Miura, as a bright biology teacher, meets a girl who will be his new student (but he doesn’t know that initially), and they get into a “forbidden relationship.”  Toda, as an English teacher, and knowing the betrayal of her fiancée, struggles with the jealousy and cruelty.
This will be the first time that both Miura and Toda will star in a “Getsu 9″ drama, and it will also be the first time they co-star with one another.  The drama is set to begin in January of 2011.
Source: Tokyo Hive

Saturday, November 13

Its my turn to cook...

Every Friday i've got a chance to prove my cooking skills LoL! starting this friday its my turn to cook for supper. the first thing that came to my mind is to cook ADOBO.. good thing it turn out to be delicious (i think ^_^)
Chicken Adobo with Pineapple chunks

So what meal shall i cook for next week?? hmmm..

Friday, November 12

Miura Haruma is a gamer

A press conference for new PSP game, “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd” (Capcom) was held on November 10th, and Miura Haruma, Okada Yoshinori, comedian duo JichoKacho’s Inoue Satoshi, and Tutorial’s Tokui Yoshimi, showed up.

Oguri Shun cheated on Yamada Yu?

Gossip magazine, “FRIDAY“, reported on its November 12th issue that Oguri Shun had cheated on his girlfriend, Yamada Yu.  According to the magazine, the actor was drinking with over 20 of his friends at Izakaya, and was getting quite friendly with a girl (described as “A”) who sat next to him.

Arashi’s latest single “Hatenai Sora” sold 248,828 copies on the release day

Arashi has just released their 6th single of 2010, “Hatenai Sora” on November 10th, and not surprisingly it topped the Oricon daily chart.
Oricon reports that they sold 248,828 copies on it’s debut day, and it exceeded the first day sales of “Troublemaker” which sold around 233,000 copies.  Therefore, “Hatenai Sora” has the best first day sales amongst all 6 singles released by Arashi in 2010.
Below is the Top 5 ranking of Oricon single daily chart.

Gorgeous guests on this week’s Himitsu no Arashi-chan!

On the November 11th episode of “Himitsu no Arashi-chan“, Toda Erika, Oguri Shun, and Kasahara Hideyuki were invited to guest on Arashi’s variety show.
Toda was the guest for “VIP ROOM”, and some interesting details about the star were revealed. Meanwhile, Oguri Shun and Kasahara Hideyuki made their appearances for the “Mannequin Five” corner as Arashi’s opponents. The theme of “Mannequin Five” this week was “Best clothes for a date.”

Source: Tokyo Hive

Thursday, November 11

Big Night!

Just got home from the poker tournament.. i was lucky to be picked from FACEBOOK to play the CHIPPY POKER TOURNAMENT!.. i was in the AUGUST "FACEBOOK" LUCKY DOGS but we waited for 3 months just have the schedule of the play (guess they were too busy huh!! o_0)

lucky to be in it but not lucky enough to win it!! ^_^ at least I was able to made it to the last two tables (there were 4 tables at the start of the play with 30+ players) so how did i lose?

Here is my card
and i lost to this card

and i thought i'm winning until the flop showed another ace leaving my Kings hopeless.. (o_0) and that was it even the river didn't help.. and i lost..

it was a good experience.. looking forward to play it again (hopefully)..


i was checking on my twitter when i noticed that Mizushima Hiro was just online 4 minutes ago.. GEEZ! i missed it by 4 minutes!! I should have log in to twitter 5mins. early >_< another dismay..

well better luck next time.. hopefully he'll reply to my tweet to him.. (wishing for it!!)

what a long night now time to get to work... weekends coming!! woohoo!! ^_^

Wednesday, November 10

Inoue Mao worried about Takenouchi Yutaka on set

Back in June, we reported about the shoot for upcoming movie “Taiheiyou no Kiseki ~Fox to Yobareta Otoko~(Miracle in Pacific ~The man who was called Fox~)” in Thailand.  Today, a press conference for the movie was held, and cast members Takenouchi Yutaka, Inoue Mao, Yamada Takayuki, and American actor, Sean McGowan, showed up.

Tuesday, November 9

Mizushima Hiro’s first novel “KAGEROU” to be published in the middle of December

Mizushima Hiro’s first novel (under his real name, Saito Tomohiro) “KAGEROU” received the “Poplar Publishing Grand Prize for Fiction.”
On November 9th, he announced that the novel will be published in the middle of December.
Hiro announced that on his Twitter.  He has over 130,000 followers and is quite popular! (and for the record i'm also one of his followers hehehe ^_^)

Source: Tokyo Hive, Mizushima Hiro's Twitter

Sunday, November 7

My Ride...

2002 Nissan Altima
After 5 hours of car hunting and 2 hours of waiting for the paper works, <finally!> i was able to buy a car

Aiba Masaki cheers for a lazy sloth!

In this week’s episode of “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen,” which was broadcasted on November 6th, Aiba Masaki visited Nasu Kogen in Tochigi to cheer on a lazy sloth named, “Jaja-chan” (They say that a wild sloth is actually quite active when they get food).  A fancier of the sloth wanted Jaja-chan to be more active, so he asked Aiba for help.

Saturday, November 6

Kitagawa Keiko to star in upcoming drama on TBS

It’s been announced that popular actress Kitagawa Keiko will be starring in upcoming drama, “LADY ~ Saigo no Profiling~ (temporary title)”, which will start in January 2011!

2NE1 delays their debut Japanese release

The girl group sensation from Korea, 2NE1, amped up their Japanese fans with their plans to enter the Japanese music market. After announcing that they were signing under Avex Entertainment, fans waited patiently for further updates.
Unfortunately, Avex recently posted a notice on 2NE1’s official homepage, and said the following:

Mizushima Hiro & Ayaka open official Twitters!

Married couple, Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka both started their official Twitters!  They said they opened it to communicate with fans, and as they stated so, they answer fans’ tweets very politely, and frankly.

Shukan Bunshun reports JE boys’ sex scandal

Weekly gossip magazine, Shukan Bunshun reported on its latest issue about various Johnny Entertainment boys’ and a sex scandal which was revealed by porno actress Makinoda Aya, whom committed suicide last month.
According to Shukan Bunshun, Aya spoke of her relationship with the JE boys to the magazine including some private photos that she took with some JE boys over 10 years ago.  She told the magazine that she was dating Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) after she debuted as a “L☆IS” member in 1996. She stated that she was close with some of the JE boys acting as a big sister to people such as Shibutani Subaru (Kanjani 8), Nishikido Ryo (Kanjani 8), and Imai Tsubasa (Tackey & Tsubasa) .

Matsumoto Jun whips out his “Mascaliner” for new CM

Source: Tokyo Hive
Matsumoto Jun would be featured in a CM for cosmetics brand ”Fasio“’s new item, “Mascaliner” - a hybrid between mascara and eyeliner.

Check out the CM and the making for “Mascaliner” here

Arashi releases “Hatenai Sora” PV!

Full PV has finally been revealed!! To checked it out click here

Source: Tokyo Hive



Friday, November 5

Arashi dukes it out with foreign talents on “VS Arashi”

On the November 4th episode of Arashi’s variety show, “VS Arashi“, the group competed against an international team which consisted of six foreign talents: David Specter, Yoon Son Ha, Bobby Ologun, Rola Chen, Dante Carver, and Chad Mullane.  To help the Arashi team, Funakoshi Eiichiro joined up with the group.

credits to TAGA-DON