Saturday, August 27

5 States In 5 Days (FL, GA, NJ, NY, and OH) ^_^

Day 1: MN -> Atlanta, Georgia -> West Palm Beach, Florida

First lesson learned in first day of the trip: Never hesitate to check-in your luggage.

Plane view on my way to Atlanta, Georgia then to West Palm Beach, Florida

View from the hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida

Saturday, August 6

Bartender: (My) Drama Review

Bartender (バーテンダー)
Synopsis: (DramaWiki)
Upon return from Paris, Sasakura Ryu spends some time wandering amiss, but after some time he decides to start anew by becoming a bartender. On a daily basis as a bartender, he helps solve the various problems burdening his customers, including work and love and family troubles, one cocktail at a time.

Friday, August 5

“Kaibutsu-kun” & "Freeter" drama to get drama special this fall!

It’s been reported that Nihon TV’s “Kaibutsu-kun” will be making a comeback this fall through a special drama!

credits to TAGA-DON