Sunday, September 25

Full Moon wo Sagashite: (My) Anime Review

Taking a break from live action dramas. I found this anime while browsing through YouTube for something to watch. I actually watched all the 52 episodes (approx. 30mins/ep.) in just two days!! Although it seems a bit childish, it reminds me of my childhood memories - dreams and aspirations.

Full Moon O Sagashite (anime)

Friday, September 23

Ninomiya Kazunari CM for ‘Pocky’

30 sec CM

Sakurai Sho’s and Keiko Kitagawa's upcoming drama - Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de

Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de
Title: 謎解きはディナーのあとで
Title (romaji): Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de
Genre: Mystery
Broadcast network: Fuji TV Broadcast period: 2011-Oct start
Air time: Tuesday 21:00
Theme song: Meikyu Love Song by ARASHI

TGIF! = Apple Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream and 6827's Artwork


The story behind the pictures will remain untold. ;p
Let our imaginations run wild V(^_^)V
The controversial heart..
The failed flower response..

Thursday, September 15

Deka Wanko: (My) Drama Review

If you are a: Dog-lover, Gothic Lolita Fashionista/Fan, Tegoshi Yuya Fan, Tabe Mikako Fan, likes trivial detective plot or easy to solve cases then this jdorama is for you.
Deka Wanko
Synopsis: (DramaWiki)
"Deka Wanko" is originally a manga by "Gokusen" creator Kozueko Morimoto. The comedic series revolves around a rookie detective named Ichiko Hanamori (played by Tabe), whose exceptional dog-like sense of smell is used to solve difficult cases, in addition to earning her the nickname of "Deka Wanko."

Monday, September 5

Letters from Iwo Jima (English/Japanese Movie)

Letters from Iwo Jima

Before my Netflix free trial ended, I was able to watch this war film with anticipation. I've always been curious about Nino's acting as a husband and Japanese soldier. It seems to me with his looks (which he never seems to age) he couldn't probably fit into the role but I was wrong. His excellent acting skills gave life to his character as well as exceeding my expectations to him as an actor.

CNBLUE to make their major label debut in October

CNBLUE has announced that they will make their major label debut with the single “In My Head” this fall! In order to build up experience, the Korean band travelled to Japan in 2009, where band culture is strongly rooted. For approximately half a year, CNBLUE held a series of street lives and live house performance before they released their indie debut mini-album “Now or Never“. After putting out six subsequent CD releases, CNBLUE held a successful Zepp tour in January 2011. Their major label debut single “In My Head” will be released on October 19th in two different versions: a limited (CD+DVD) version and a regular CD-only version. The limited edition comes with a DVD containing both the PV and ‘off-shot movie’ for the title track, in addition to a 52-page photo booklet.
Source: TokyoHive

Matsuyama Kenichi & Koyuki announce they’re expecting their first child

It’s just been revealed that Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki, who recently got married in April, are expecting their first child! The couple made their announcement to the media through a fax sent by their agency. Koyuki, who is five months pregnant, wrote, “I am starting to feel the joy and responsibility of taking care of this new, tiny life within me. I hope to take care of myself and prepare myself for that day with the help of my husband, Matsuyama Kenichi“. Matsuyama also wrote, “Today, I’d like to inform you that my wife is pregnant. We will be the first people that our new baby will see. I don’t know how we will appear to our child, but as a father, a man, an actor, and a person, I’d like to continue growing and live a fun life with my wife and child.”
Source: TokyoHive

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