Monday, October 4

Happy and Sad

Did you ever wonder on how one person can change his/her mood so fast in just one day?!?! from being happy then sad... and vice versa..  Some call it having MOOD SWINGS. In medical terms, they associated it with depression or a bipolar disorder.

Different moods
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Sigh! Why am i talking about this right now?? coz it just happened to me today. well it does occur to me from time to time and it doesnt even mean that im in a bipolar disorder (Hell no! LOL!). I just want to write about what happen to me today and have a good introduction to it (^_-). For me, "my mood swings" are unexpected and unpredictable (who knows when, where, or how it'll happen) and its simply happening because of the good and bad news or events that affect my day drastically, things that I can't prevent from happening (even though how hard i try) and sometimes my very own stupidity. (~_~)


Just cant stop thinking bout what happen today at work.. one of my co-worker comes back after being absent for a week and the other will be terminated after this week.. both of which had been really close to me even though the other one creeps me out sometimes. (o_0) 

Anyway, it made me realize a lot of things and so it hit me with the thoughts of: nothings permanent.. people come and go.. and everything happens for a reason..


credits to TAGA-DON